Yoga classes in Lexington, ky

We offer fun, challenging, and invigorating yoga classes that are possible for everybody, no matter your age, flexibility, or strength! Every class we offer can be your first class, all you have to do is breathe, we’ll take care of the rest. Each Sterling Hot Yoga class is practiced in a warm and safe environment designed to heal your body and mind while improving alignment, physical strength, balance, and flexibility.


Heated Vinyasa Flow is an upbeat Vinyasa Yoga class linking asanas (postures) together in a series of movements with the breath. The routine practice of Vinyasa Yoga can increase muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility, and reduce levels of stress. Suitable for beginners. 92-95 added humidity.

Hot pilates

Using Pilates prin­ci­ples, Inferno Hot Pilates is a chal­leng­ing, full body, low impact, high inten­sity work­out. It is per­formed on a yoga mat in a room heated to 95 degrees and 40% humid­ity. Our Hot Pilates Classes strength­en mus­cles and burns fat — all with­out the pound­ing of a high impact work­out. It is designed for all fitness levels.

Original Hot Yoga

A traditional Hot Yoga class, featuring two sets of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. This sequence is offered consistently in 60 min classes. Look for monthly 75 and 90 minute classes. 60-minute class is sure to get you sweating. 75 and 90-minute classes offer a little more instruction, meditation, and stillness between postures. Everyone is welcome to sweat, stretch and heal in this foundational class. 102-105 with added humidity.


Yoga sculpt combines yoga with light weight training. Men and women of all fitness levels are welcome to tone and sculpt, build lean muscle, improve metabolism and see results! A perfect complement to a hot yoga practice. 92-95 added humidity.

Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga is simple practice to calm the mind and stretch the body. Postures are held for 2–5 minutes and targets connective tissues of hips, pelvis and low spine. The perfect end to your day and compliment to your hot yoga practice. Beginner friendly, unheated.

  1. Warms the muscles for greater flexibility
  2. Helps achieve a deeper stretch
  3. Improves sweating and increases blood flow to the skin
  4. Sweat helps skin remove bacteria, increase circulation,
  5. maintain suppleness
  6. Relieve joint stiffness, muscle spasms and pain
  7. Improves efficiency of the immune system
  8. Creates a cardiovascular workout for beginners
  9. Lower heart rate
  10. Better maintenance of core body temp
  11. Optimize athletic performance
  12. Burns calories
  13. Builds endurance
  1. Reshapes your body
  2. Improves alignment
  3. Restores flexibility
  4. Tones, strengthens, and lengthens your muscles
  5. Strengthens your spine
  6. Improves circulation
  7. Reduces risk of sports injury
  8. Achieves relief from pain
  9. Reduces your weight – lose pounds by balancing your metabolism
  10. Raises energy level
  11. Diminishes the effects of stress
  12. Increases balance, coordination, focus and discipline