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A Foundry For Change

Start your total fitness experience with Sterling Hot Yoga Works, explore Teacher Training, and find a studio near you!


Vinyasa Training Lexington, KY.

Starts January 2020


Original Hot Yoga 26/2 training Lexington, KY

Starts January, 2020


Find Your Studio

We currently have two Sterling Hot Yoga studios with more on the way.
View Lexington, KY
View Mobile, Alabama

Immersive Trainings

Vinyasa and Original Hot Yoga Trainings in Lexington 2022, Dallas 2023
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Wellness Retreat

Put your life in forward motion: say YES to a legendary adventure for your soul, and come on a transformative retreat

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Our Instructors

With passion and compassion, our certified instructors will help you do your best!
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Join Us At Our Upcoming Trainings


Houston, TX Original Hot Yoga 26/2 Teacher Training Fall 2022

Houston, TX Original Hot Yoga 26/2 Teacher Training Fall 2022

Sterling Hot Yoga Lexington, KY
Original Hot Yoga 26/2 Training RYT-200 Sterling 60
Starting Jan 2023

Vinyasa & Retreats

Sterling Hot Yoga

Walk in to a Sterling Hot Yoga studio, and take the first step of a life-changing journey.

In our welcoming environment, compassionate teachers and encouraging fellow students will help and inspire you. Don’t be surprised if you find more than balance, strength and flexibility in the yoga room! Increased mental clarity, better focus, stronger determination and stress relief are just a few more of the positive effects of hot yoga.

Whether your journey is physical, mental, emotional or you’re not sure yet, Sterling Hot Yoga is a foundry for the change you wantand need!

From Our Students

“Sterling Hot Yoga has done wonders for my flexibility and weight loss.”

JohnDaily Practitioner