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To educate and empower people who contribute to the health and wellness of themselves and of the world.


To set a global standard for health and wellness training.

"At Sterling studios we witness yoga as a catalyst for change, empowerment and growth in peoples' lives"

– Jodi Chmielewski, President Sterling Hot Yoga Works

PASSION for yoga

COMPASSION for our students

PRECISION in teaching

KNOWLEDGE of yoga and the body

EXCELLENCE in all we do

INTENTION and purpose in our teaching methods

The Sterling Hot Yoga Story

When Jodi and Lucille decided to form a new yoga organization, they thought a lot about what to name it. They wanted something that conveyed that Sterling Hot Yoga was a method that worked.

Lucille had a special relationship to her father, who passed away in 2004. He worked for the Southern Pacific Railroad and ran the “works” in Sacramento, California—it was a place where they repaired locomotives.

Part of what they did was heat and bend metal to create new things that helped make the whole of the locomotive operate better. Jodi and Lucille liked the term “works” because what we do with bodies is similar to what Lucille’s dad used to do with trains: heat things up to let them bend and work better!

The word “Sterling” has significant meaning to us too. Sterling is defined as having a standard of fineness. It means, “thoroughly excellent.” It is also the British currency—something of value that has been around for a long time. Sterling implies something classic that is always new and of course, the color silver, is also the color of sweat.

Describing Sterling Hot Yoga as a method that works perfectly combines all of those elements about what the yoga does through heat and purification.

Synonyms for Sterling include the following words, all of which we work to make and do every day:

Admirable Excellent First Rate Magnificent Marvelous Grand Superior Unsurpassed

Jodi added the tagline “A Foundry For Change.” Which is exactly what we are. Each Sterling Hot Yoga studio is designed to allow people to find their true and best self. We provide the tools, people do their work. We love the concept and we are really proud of what we have and continue to create.

We chose Brian Keith at El Creative to design our logo and fonts. We wanted a look that was both classic and modern. We asked him to create something that would last, and would appeal to men and women, young and not so young.

When we were looking at different designs, Lucille asked him about one particular font. Without knowing about Lucille’s Dad, Brian told us that the font in “A Foundry for Change” was an old font that was originally designed for the luggage tags on the Southern Pacific Railroad! Once we learned that, we knew we had found our design! Lucille’s dad, from his spot in heaven, was giving us the thumbs up!

We are proud of the meaning behind our brand! We are confident it is a name and a brand that will last.

Lucille’s father, Jim, showing heavy machinery in 1962.

A bar of sterling silver.

The Southern Pacific Daylight luggage tag.