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Zip Credits Hot Yoga for Dramatic Stress Management

Zip Irvin hot yoga benefitsIn 2003, Zip Irvin had come to a crossroads in his life as a graduate student at North Carolina State University and musician in Raleigh.

“The quality of my life was getting worse, and the length would get shorter if I continued on that path,” he said.

Then he found hot yoga.

His interest was piqued after he kept seeing a hot yoga studio near Wake Forest, and finally he decided he would check it out.

Though he likens his first class experience to “a crying version of Jabba the Hut,” Zip just kept going.

He was even more motivated to consistently keep practicing after the owner of the studio called him and encouraged him to stick with it.

“There was an authenticity of him wanting me to come back to practice. He was very much like Jodi,” Zip said, comparing him to the Sterling Hot Yoga Lexington studio owner. “She wants people to be there for more than just business. I’m very grateful for that.”

After 11 years of practicing hot yoga, Zip has experienced numerous physical and mental benefits. Among them weight loss, regulated metabolism, lower blood pressure, mental acuity, stress management, and greater focus and determination.

“My ability to breathe has been greatly enhanced,” he said. “Overall, every aspect of my life has been enhanced.”

The sociology professor at Eastern Kentucky University especially credits his hot yoga practice for being able to handle stress better.

“There has been dramatic improvement in my ability to handle stuff, just general day-to-day stuff,” Zip said.

Multiple studies have confirmed that yoga helps reduce stress and anxiety, enhances mood and improves an overall sense of well-being.

For Zip, that’s just the beginning. He said his hot yoga practice has also helped him quit drinking alcohol and realize his potential.

“I can do a 30-day challenge in 20 days,” he said. “It pointed me to the reality that my capacity is much greater than I have ever given it credit for.”

Though he lives 27 miles from SHY Lexington, Zip makes the time to practice, which he does four to seven times a week. “My Sterling hot yoga practice is the centerpiece of my workout regimen,” he said.

“Zip’s consistent yoga practice is amazing considering his commute,” Jodi said. “It’s a pleasure to have Zip as such a big part of our community; he is such a wonderful person.”

For Zip and others, Jodi noted the impact of a consistent hot yoga practice, particularly on the ability to handle stress.

“It lays the groundwork so the peaks and valleys of life aren’t so high or low,” she said.

Speaking from personal experience, Zip encouraged anyone considering hot yoga to just give it a try.

“Do it and come back as much as you can,” he said. “Give it 30 days.”

Want to take Zip’s advice and see what positive changes hot yoga holds for you? Take advantage of our $30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga introductory special and begin your journey at Sterling Hot Yoga Lexington today!