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Danny Miller Experiences Benefits, Community Through Hot Yoga

The thought of practicing yoga in a room heated to 105 degrees and regulated at 40 percent humidity can be an intimidating one for many people. But for Danny Miller, that was part of the intrigue. “I was curious about ‘hot’ yoga, and I was looking for a challenge and a good sweat,” he said. Now, six-and-a-half years later, Danny can safely say that hot yoga has become a way of life. His journey into yoga began simply enough—he was looking for an exercise that was less stressful on his bones and joints. And in the hot room, he found…
Jodi Chmielewski
February 5, 2018
Studio News

Samantha Finds Self-Acceptance On and Off the Mat

Many students try Sterling Hot Yoga for the physical changes they hope to see—a trimmer waistline, toned arms and legs, and improved balance, strength and flexibility. But an even more profound change, in many ways, that comes with a hot yoga practice comes from within. Samantha Wells knows that firsthand. She started practicing at Sterling Hot Yoga Mobile just a few weeks before the 30-Day Spring Challenge began, having never tried hot yoga before. “I avoided it like the plague,” she said of the heat. Putting those former notions of hot yoga aside, she quickly committed to completing a 20-class…
Jodi Chmielewski
June 12, 2015