Yoga Advisor

What year did you first start practicing yoga?

Was there any particular reason you started practicing yoga?
I had just ended a long term relationship, and was really overweight. I knew I needed something to “shock” my system, and yoga was the answer!

Favorite posture and why?
Standing Bow – It took me a long time to just learn how to kick up. I think it’s beautiful.

Why do you currently practice this yoga?
Mental clarity and stress reduction. I always leave feeling better than when I came in. Plus, the community is one of the best to be a part of. Everyone is caring and supportive.

Two things most people don’t know about you?
I showed horses when I was younger, and loved the discipline it taught me. Sometimes while in conversation with people I have to stop myself from busing out in song. I LOVE musicals, and a single word can make me want to start singing. It’s my favorite party trick.


B.A., Anthropology, Transylvania University (2005), MBA, Sullivan University (2008)


Los Angeles, CA San Antonio TX & Cynthiana KY

Favorite Pose

Standing Bow


Life Coaching (, yoga, movies, music