What year did you first start practicing yoga?
January 2013

Was there any particular reason you started practicing yoga?
I started practicing yoga to become active and physical again. I was very athletic as a teenager and wanted to find something new and challenging that wasn’t just “going to the gym”.

Favorite posture and why?
Any posture in the balancing series, but mostly Standing Bow because it has taught me when to challenge myself and push for more, and when to just relax and balance.

Why do you currently practice this yoga?
Aside from enjoying the physical aspect, practicing this yoga has done wonders for my chronic back pain. In addition to that it has helped me manage my stress levels and (my favorite part) it helps me sleep!!

What do you love about teaching yoga?
I’ve always enjoyed seeing the improvements people make with regular practice. Whether they are able to finally touch their toes or are able to give up prescription medications due to improved health, it’s both inspiring and rewarding–for all involved!

Two things most people don’t know about you?
I find the harmonica fascinating, and I secretly want to learn how to play. When I was a child, I didn’t have an imaginary friend. I had a whole (imaginary) family.

Yoga Training

Sterling Hot Yoga Works TT2 Fall 2014, RYT 200 Hour


BA English, Philosophy Minor, University of Kentucky (2009)


Lexington, KY

Favorite Pose

Standing Bow


Yoga! Reading and hiking.