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Sylvia Warms Up to Hot Yoga Through Rekindled Friendship

News | Nov 26, 2015

Sylvia Cobra Hot Yoga BenefitsA rekindled friendship (thanks to Facebook) and a heart open to new experiences led Sylvia Boggs to hot yoga.

She and one of her childhood best friends spent four hours together catching up after reconnecting through social media.

But it was something that her friend spoke about with such animation that caught Sylvia’s attention, and that was hot yoga.

“I’ve made it a practice to try to honor other people’s passions,” Sylvia said.

Now her friend’s passion has become her own—December will mark the sixth year since Sylvia has incorporated hot yoga into her life.

“It’s changed my life on so many levels,” she said, crediting the practice with healing her physically and emotionally.

After three years of practice, Sylvia said she finally felt the rod in her back didn’t limit her. A continued commitment to hot yoga helped her heal through injuries and open her shoulders.

“The list goes on and on,” she said.

Sylvia introduced her youngest daughter to hot yoga, but two years passed before she got hooked on it, she said. Not until she texted her mom that she wanted to try it again did it become her decision, and that was key.

“Try hot yoga because you want to try it, not because someone else wants you to,” Sylvia advised. “As long as you do it for yourself, not someone else.”

That doesn’t stop Sylvia from trying to introduce the practice that she loves so much to others. She explained that she’ll give lessons in pranayama deep breathing—the breathing exercise at the beginning of every class—to anyone she brings.

“If I feel comfortable,” she said, “then the rest of the class is easy.”

Finding comfort—in and out of the studio—has been a challenge at times for Sylvia. She’s had issues with claustrophobia, but fortunately yoga is ideal for its relaxation techniques that alleviate that anxiety.

A loving, welcoming, accepting environment is exactly what Sylvia said she has found at Sterling Hot Yoga Lexington—both in and out of the hot room.

“I’ve laughed out loud, I’ve cried,” Sylvia said, describing the range of reactions she has had in class. “But I’m in a place where I’m free to express that. It’s a very loving environment. It’s welcoming and safe.”

But that doesn’t mean Sylvia isn’t afraid to step out of her comfort zone. She and a friend just recently celebrated their first season of their kayak rental business, Central Kentucky Kayaking.

The two decided they wanted to open a business together and had an opportunity to buy property with frontage, but they hadn’t planned on a kayak rental business from the outset.

“Everything just happened like it was supposed to for us to be able to do this,” Sylvia said.

Perhaps it’s a side effect of her hot yoga practice that’s pushed Sylvia into being open to new experiences. After all, that sums up her practice journey.

“I have a new experience in every class I have. I learn something about myself in every class,” she said. “I love the fact that the sequence is the same so you can measure yourself.”

Sylvia isn’t just learning something new about herself; she said she makes a conscientious effort to tune in to the dialogue, as well.

Even after six years of practice, she said she still hears something new. And she’s taken her attentiveness to detail in yoga postures outside of the hot room to be a better listener.

The positive physical, mental, emotional and spiritual changes Sylvia has experienced from her hot yoga practice have not gone unnoticed by SHY Lexington owner Jodi.

“Sylvia is an amazing spirit and light in our studio. This yoga is so cool because it brings awareness,” she said. “It allows you to connect with your breath and body, and in the end, all of the things that aren’t serving you disappear.”

Though Sylvia must face the ups and downs of life as everyone does, a consistent hot yoga practice appears to give her the positive outlook to help manage them.

“Every time Sylvia practices, the joy in her life shines brighter,” Jodi said.

Sylvia had equally high praise for Jodi and the yoga community at SHY Lexington. “I’m grateful Jodi is around, and I’ve gotten to know her,” she said. “I love the community there. I love the support from friends at the studio.”

There isn’t one part of Sylvia’s life that her hot yoga practice hasn’t affected.

“I developed a new life philosophy since I started practicing,” she said. “It’s more evolved, more open, and it’s still evolving. It’s practice, not perfection.”

And the steamy conditions in the hot room have helped Sylvia manage the local climate, too.

“I love the heat,” she said. “I don’t know how I survived winter without yoga.”

Feeling the chill of winter weather? Join Sylvia at Sterling Hot Yoga Lexington and warm up with our $30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga introductory special, and begin your journey today!

Zip Credits Hot Yoga for Dramatic Stress Management

News | Nov 04, 2015

Zip Irvin hot yoga benefitsIn 2003, Zip Irvin had come to a crossroads in his life as a graduate student at North Carolina State University and musician in Raleigh.

“The quality of my life was getting worse, and the length would get shorter if I continued on that path,” he said.

Then he found hot yoga.

His interest was piqued after he kept seeing a hot yoga studio near Wake Forest, and finally he decided he would check it out.

Though he likens his first class experience to “a crying version of Jabba the Hut,” Zip just kept going.

He was even more motivated to consistently keep practicing after the owner of the studio called him and encouraged him to stick with it.

“There was an authenticity of him wanting me to come back to practice. He was very much like Jodi,” Zip said, comparing him to the Sterling Hot Yoga Lexington studio owner. “She wants people to be there for more than just business. I’m very grateful for that.”

After 11 years of practicing hot yoga, Zip has experienced numerous physical and mental benefits. Among them weight loss, regulated metabolism, lower blood pressure, mental acuity, stress management, and greater focus and determination.

“My ability to breathe has been greatly enhanced,” he said. “Overall, every aspect of my life has been enhanced.”

The sociology professor at Eastern Kentucky University especially credits his hot yoga practice for being able to handle stress better.

“There has been dramatic improvement in my ability to handle stuff, just general day-to-day stuff,” Zip said.

Multiple studies have confirmed that yoga helps reduce stress and anxiety, enhances mood and improves an overall sense of well-being.

For Zip, that’s just the beginning. He said his hot yoga practice has also helped him quit drinking alcohol and realize his potential.

“I can do a 30-day challenge in 20 days,” he said. “It pointed me to the reality that my capacity is much greater than I have ever given it credit for.”

Though he lives 27 miles from SHY Lexington, Zip makes the time to practice, which he does four to seven times a week. “My Sterling hot yoga practice is the centerpiece of my workout regimen,” he said.

“Zip’s consistent yoga practice is amazing considering his commute,” Jodi said. “It’s a pleasure to have Zip as such a big part of our community; he is such a wonderful person.”

For Zip and others, Jodi noted the impact of a consistent hot yoga practice, particularly on the ability to handle stress.

“It lays the groundwork so the peaks and valleys of life aren’t so high or low,” she said.

Speaking from personal experience, Zip encouraged anyone considering hot yoga to just give it a try.

“Do it and come back as much as you can,” he said. “Give it 30 days.”

Want to take Zip’s advice and see what positive changes hot yoga holds for you? Take advantage of our $30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga introductory special and begin your journey at Sterling Hot Yoga Lexington today!

Matt Helps Heal Himself and Others Through Hot Yoga

News | Oct 25, 2015

Matt hot yoga and addictionMatt Leyton was against trying hot yoga.

After years of channeling his athleticism into soccer and jogging, he said, “I just thought yoga was too easy.”

But thanks to his wife—and a free pass that got her to practice for the first time in another town with a friend—Matt now practices four to five times a week at Sterling Hot Yoga Lexington.

“I’m pretty much addicted to it,” he said.

Matt knows firsthand about addiction. “I was basically dying,” he said. “But I got clean, and I felt better.”

That’s been 28 years ago, and hot yoga has been part of his recovery process for one-and-a-half of those years.

“I’d been working out for 20 years,” he said. “But I’d never done yoga. I just thought yoga was too easy.”

After practicing with a friend while visiting in another town, his wife signed them up at the Lexington studio when they returned home.

That first class for Matt was anything but easy.

“It just killed me,” he said. “It was hard as hell, I didn’t like it and it hurt.”

But that was just the beginning. He practiced once a week, aware of the back pain he suffered from multiple car accidents. Within two or three months, the pain diminished.

Now a regular practitioner, he said, “I couldn’t tell you the last time I took ibuprofen.”

The benefits that Matt has received go well beyond pain management. He said he’s lost 15 pounds and gotten stronger. And that’s just the physical transformation.

“I’ve got more self-confidence, I’m more relaxed, I feel better and I’m happier,” he said. “It’s the wonder exercise—it fixes everything.”

Had it not been for his wife, he might have given up on hot yoga.

“She kept pushing me,” he said. “She knew it was good for me.”

Now that he’s been positively transformed by hot yoga, Matt is on a mission to share it with others. He regularly shares free class passes and encourages others to visit the studio.

“Matt is such a great ambassador for yoga,” said Jodi, owner of Sterling Hot Yoga Lexington. “He does a great job of bringing in people.”

Matt’s own road to recovery, plus his work with the Hope Center, which provides services for homeless and at-risk people in Lexington, makes him an inspirational example to others.

“His work is a life-changing and life-altering catalyst for change,” Jodi said. “He is also introducing change—healing and recovery—through yoga,” Jodi said.

A Stanford University study confirms that yoga is an effective complement to treating addiction.

Roy King, Ph.D. and M.D., professor of psychiatry and behavioral science, has studied the biological impact of yoga on drug abuse.

He found that dopamine is elevated when drugs enter the body and that craving for dopamine is what drives addicts to continue to use.

Practicing yoga and meditation, however, diminishes the dopamine cravings, which can help to curb drug addiction, according to the study.

Matt praised not only the hot yoga offered by Sterling Hot Yoga Lexington, but the atmosphere as well. “All of the teachers are so great, friendly, personable and willing to help,” he said. One of the teachers from the studio, Brandy, even teaches yoga once a month to the homeless at the Hope Center.

“It is our pleasure to hold space for healing for Matt through his journey in yoga,” Jodi said. “His practice is constantly evolving.”

Whether you’re looking to build strength, gain flexibility, reduce stress or you’re just not sure, hot yoga holds the promise of transformation for everyone.

Take advantage of our $30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga introductory special and begin your journey at Sterling Hot Yoga Lexington today!

“I’ve got more self-confidence, I’m more relaxed, I feel better and I’m happier,” he said. “It’s the wonder exercise—it fixes everything.”

“I’ve got more self-confidence, I’m more relaxed, I feel better and I’m happier,” he said. “It’s the wonder exercise—it fixes everything.”

Yoga Beneficial to Cancer Patients, Studies Say

News | Oct 08, 2015

yoga benefits for cancer patients breast cancer awareness hot yogaThe world turns pink around this time of year, signaling renewed focus on breast health and breast cancer awareness.

Pink ribbons, pink hair, even pink football gear worn during NFL games serve as a subtle reminder that annual preventive care screenings, early detection and treatment are the best defense against breast cancer.

But many in the yoga community would add something else that wellness regimen: their yoga practice.

Whether they’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer or were undergoing treatment, so many women at studios across the country credit their hot yoga practice for helping them manage their anxiety, regain their physical strength, and heal their bodies and their spirit.

Sterling Hot Yoga Mobile owner Lucille Moran was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer and already she can feel the positive benefits of her yoga practice.

“In sorting out a plan for health, I have learned that breast cancer has very high rate of cure,” she wrote in a client newsletter. “Every year there are more breakthroughs in therapies, and women and men are gaining more options.

“I’m lucky because the tumor was caught early, is isolated in one location and is very slow growing,” she continued. “I am convinced that our yoga has kept my body as healthy as it could be.”

Some physicians are even starting to recognize yoga’s therapeutic benefits for cancer patients.

In 2008, Dr. Timothy McCall, a physician specializing in internal medicine and the medical editor for Yoga Journal magazine, detailed some of these yoga benefits for cancer patients in the medical journal Oncology.

Among them, reduced anxiety, longer and more restful sleep, better mood and lower levels of fatigue.

McCall praised yoga as being part of a cancer treatment regimen for its adaptability based on a student’s diagnosis and overall level of health.

Because so many forms of yoga existfrom gentle to more vigorous sequencesthere is something accessible to nearly everyone.

In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the close-to-home reminder that yoga can have a profound impact on one’s health, Sterling Hot Yoga invites you to begin your practice today.

Sterling Hot Yoga – One Fire – Hot Yoga Festival

News | Sep 05, 2015

Join us in celebrating the first-ever Hot Yoga festival. Incredible lineup + an amazing way to kick off your practice this fall:

One Fire Hot Yoga Festival

OCTOBER 1 – 4, 2015

One Fire. Hot Yoga Festival.

One Fire will be hosted at Pure Om in Bethesda, Maryland

7832 Wisconsin Ave. Bethesda MD 20814 (minutes outside Washington, D.C.)

One Fire is a Yoga Festival who’s mission is to highlight the best of the hot yoga world, building bridges within the hot yoga community and between the hot yoga community and other yoga traditions in a festive environment.

It will be an amazing 4 days of fun, love, laughter, and of course, lots and lots of yoga!

Look for our Sterling Hot Yoga Booth.

Day passes and complete four day passes are available.

Questions @ 703 409 9446 | Email –

Special Lexington Yoga Class to Raise Money for Doula

News | Sep 04, 2015
katie karma yoga doula lexington

Show up for Katie at SHY Lexington’s special donation-based class to help provide her a much-needed doula during childbirth after her husband passed away earlier this year.

Of all the moments in life where you wouldn’t want to be alone, giving birth is probably one of the biggest ones. But that’s exactly where Katie Powell finds herself.

Her husband, Zac, passed away unexpectedly on July 4, leaving her to deliver their first child—a son due on Oct. 27—without him.

Though her family and his family are somewhat close by, none are really local.

Prior to losing her husband, Katie, like most expectant mothers, was apprehensive of all the changes having a baby would bring.

“Now I’m scared to death,” she said. “I was scared before, but not anything like I am now. Every little aspect, even small things scare me.”

With the help of Sterling Hot Yoga Lexington and The Birth Haven, Katie won’t have to start her journey into motherhood without the support she needs.

The Birth Haven, based in Lexington and serving surrounding counties, provides doulas—or birthing companions—to help pregnant women and their partners make the birthing experience a special one.

“The role of a doula is to provide emotional, physical and informational support to the family unit,” said Julie Six, the owner of The Birth Haven. “We are there to support women in every single choice they make through pregnancy, birth and postpartum so they feel confident starting their journey as a mother.”

With Katie having lost her husband, a doula would provide an especially vital role.

“In Katie’s situation, a doula would bring a solid support structure that would be completely unbiased and loving. Her doula would have an extensive knowledge base of how to best serve her by understanding her specific situation and ensuring she felt heard and understood every step of the way,” Julie said. “Her doula would provide continuous support and never leave her side. Her doula would be there to massage her sore muscles, cheer her on, laugh with her and cry with her.”

Just last year, Jodi C, owner of SHY Lexington, selected Julie with The Birth Haven to support her and her husband during the birthing of her daughter.

“Having a doula is like having your best friend there to support you,“ she said. “I can’t imagine going through the birthing process alone.”

When Jodi found out that The Birth Haven knows women who needs a doula’s support but can’t afford it, she knew she wanted to help.

On Friday, Sept. 4, 5:30pm SHY Lexington is offering a donation-based, all-levels vinyasa class to make a difference for Katie at a time when she needs it the most. Donations will be accepted at the studio until October 1. Register online to reserve a space Sterling Hot Yoga Lexington.

“Our community is providing a service for a woman about to go through an amazing experience with amazing support,” Jodi said.

For Katie, that might be an understatement. “It’s one of the nicest things you can do for someone,” she said of SHY Lexington’s efforts to help provide her a doula. “I’m speechless and really grateful.”

Katie’s midwife had recommended a doula, and while she and Zac had discussed finding one when she first got pregnant, they decided they couldn’t do it for financial reasons.

Now, she and her mother-in-law see this as the universe’s way of Zac providing a doula for her. “I feel like feel like having a doula present is Zac’s way of being where he physically cannot,” Katie said. “It means the world to me.”

Samantha Finds Self-Acceptance On and Off the Mat

News | Jun 12, 2015

samantha physical acceptance determination sterling hot yoga benefitsMany students try Sterling Hot Yoga for the physical changes they hope to see—a trimmer waistline, toned arms and legs, and improved balance, strength and flexibility.

But an even more profound change, in many ways, that comes with a hot yoga practice comes from within.

Samantha Wells knows that firsthand. She started practicing at Sterling Hot Yoga Mobile just a few weeks before the 30-Day Spring Challenge began, having never tried hot yoga before.

“I avoided it like the plague,” she said of the heat.

Putting those former notions of hot yoga aside, she quickly committed to completing a 20-class goal to keep her newfound practice consistent and relied on her teammates to help hold her accountable.

What Samantha found on—and off—the mat was not what she expected.

Through sweat, patience and determination, she found a physical acceptance she didn’t realize she needed.

“The things I struggled with, I didn’t realize it,” she said. “But apparently I am. I didn’t realize it was an issue until it got better.”

About halfway through the challenge, Samantha posted this incredibly emotional account of her personal breakthrough on Facebook:

“This is me. This body is mine. It may not be what society tells us is ‘beautiful,’ but I am learning to love it,” she wrote. “What most people can’t see when looking at this picture is this body feels so much better than it did two months ago, it looks better than it did two months ago and it’s mine. And I’m proud of that.

“As I type this, tears are in my eyes. I’m afraid not everyone will see this body the way I have come to, but with everything I have I’m posting this so that other people can start to see their bodies as beautiful, too.”

Samantha’s new perspective on hot yoga was reinforced when she recently revisited her vision board to reflect on past goals and set new ones. She was struck by the irony of one of her posts that incorporated a popular hot yoga saying about the practice’s physical effects.

“I started hot yoga so I could ‘sweat like a pig and look like a fox,’” she said. “Two months in and I’m seeing that there’s so much more to it!”

Gradually, she said her negative self-talk was replaced with a positive, encouraging voice “telling me that I am strong, that I do have a lot to show for my hard work, that the results I’m looking for will come—with time.”

That self-acceptance gave way to a more determined Samantha during a recent kayaking experience. Despite typically avoiding such activities because of her weight, she decided to give it a try.

“The more I fell out, the more determined I was to do it,” she said. “This is a new concept for me. I usually give up, but that day I did not!”

Perhaps that resolve to overcome challenges outside of the hot room was strengthened by her resolve in it. Not only did Samantha meet her 20-day goal commitment, but she exceeded it by four classes!

During that time, there were physical changes, too, she said, that included increased flexibility, regulated blood sugar, improved muscle tone and a feeling of balance.

But most importantly hot yoga made her believe and accept that she is beautiful from the inside out, and she is eager for others to experience their own internal and external transformations.

“Join me if you’d like,” she said. “I’ll come with you to your first class, and we can be beautiful together!”

Come practice with Samantha and get started on your own yoga journey with our 30-day introductory special!

Jana Gets Over the Hump in Camel After a Year

News | Jun 05, 2015
jana rocker camel milestone hot yoga inspiration

Jana Rocker reaches her ankle in Camel after one year of practicing at Sterling Hot Yoga Works Mobile.

Most new students who practice at Sterling Hot Yoga Mobile are intimidated by the level of heat in the hot room.

Jana Rocker was, too, when she signed up for her first class a little more than a year ago.

“I am terrible with heat,” she said. “But the yoga helped me a lot. I can actually go outside in the heat and it does not bother me.”

Taking that first step to try hot yoga wasn’t an easy one. Cancer took its toll on Jana’s life at a young age.

She lost her arm as a result and watched helplessly as friends suffered and died from the disease.

That experience fueled her calling to pursue cancer research, but she dropped out of graduate school in 1995 when a professor told her she couldn’t do science with one arm.

For 10 years, Jana battled PTSD, depression and anxiety until she realized she was “just settling for the status quo and not growing at all as a person or working in my passion.”

“PTSD was still a problem working in a cancer center for a few years,” she said. “I still have my moments, but one thing I swear by is yoga. The ability to control my anxious responses to the hot room has carried off the mat into my life in amazing ways!”

She ranks her decision to try hot yoga as “one of the life-changing scary moments of life.” Though the yoga studio website assures that hot yoga is for everyone, she still wasn’t sure how it would be for her having one arm.

Jana does her best in each and every class and she follows modifications on various postures to get the benefits from them.

With master’s and Ph.D. in hand, Jana now works for the University of South Alabama’s Mitchell Cancer Institute “to help others not have to go through what I went through,” she said.

Between her demanding schedule of research and publishing, plus a move, Jana came up just a little short of her 15-class goal during the 30-Day Challenge. But she saw its merit as a learning opportunity.

“One thing I have learned from fitness challenges is I have a hard time completing them,” she said. “Life manages to derail my plans, but I just have to go with it.”

Jana did manage to reach a pretty exciting milestone nonetheless. She was able to reach back and grab her heel in Camel.

“When I first started a year ago, I couldn’t even lean back at all,” she said. “I had zero core and back strength. With one arm, it’s all core and back for me!”

Hot yoga’s impact on Jana’s life doesn’t end there. In the year she’s been doing yoga, she’s lost 30 pounds, experienced fewer gout attacks and gained mobility in her fused ankle.

“My right ankle is fused,” she said. “I could move it up and down, but I couldn’t rotate it. I kept trying in reverse Savasana, and now I can actually rotate the ankle.”

Jana is such an inspiration to everyone who practices at Sterling Hot Yoga Mobile. She is proof that Sterling Hot Yoga works!

If you’d like to see what benefits your hot yoga journey holds for you, get started today with our 30-day introductory special!

Tada-sana! Tree Pose Breakdown

News | Apr 01, 2015

Lotus Pose Tree Pose How To Hot YogaTree pose and toe stand are the last two poses in the standing series of our Gold 90 and Sterling 60 classes. They seem fairly straightforward, but there are some aspects of the tree pose that bear clarification.

The tree pose that we do in our Gold 90 and Sterling 60 classes has the following purpose: To open up the hips, knees and ankles in preparation for toe stand, and eventually, the lotus position.

Compare the woman on the left doing lotus to the woman on the right doing tree pose in the photo below.

Notice how in both poses the feet are near the hip creases, knees are extended away from the center line of the body and feet are turned outward.

Putting your body into lotus can be challenging on the hips, knees and ankles, and like many poses, some people come to it relatively easily while others struggle for a long time to get there. Tree pose is a great way to help prepare the body for lotus.

Tree comes at a point in the series where your body is relatively warmed up. Your knees and hips and ankles have had the opportunity to open, and although your heart may be pounding, you are encouraged to slow down, focus and balance. Not such an easy thing to do!

Lotus Pose Tree Pose How To Hot YogaHere are the steps to execute the pose:

1. Ground yourself in alignment.

2. Pick up your right foot with your left hand and if you need to, hold your right knee with your right hand. Be careful of your knee and your ankle. At any step, if you feel discomfort, proceed with care. If you feel pain, back off.

The goal is to put your foot in your hip crease, but your body proportions may require you to place your foot in a different place!

Look at the images below: The first woman’s foot is on her leg and it may never be on her hip because her shin bone is relatively short and her hips aren’t yet open.

The second woman’s foot is super high on her costume, because her shinbone is really long! Both are doing the posture correctly for their body type and for the condition of their hips, knees and ankles. Tightness in any of these joints may keep you holding on to your foot, and that is perfectly okay!

Lotus Pose Tree Pose How To Hot Yoga

3. Slowly, gently allow your knee to come down toward the floor. Now remember the lotus pose — the knee is positioned away from the center line of the body approximately 45 degrees — so in tree, it is absolutely appropriate to have your lifted leg positioned away from the body.

The ball and socket of your hip joint may never allow you to position your leg so that it’s parallel to the standing leg and by forcing it, you could injure your hip!

Look at this group shot of people doing tree pose — everyone is trying the right way; no one’s legs are parallel. Not even close!

Lotus Pose Tree Pose How To Hot Yoga

4. Eventually, when the hip joint and the hip flexors open up enough, you will have two legs in one line FROM THE SIDE like the photo on the left.

Lotus Pose Tree Pose How To Hot Yoga

5. The last part of the pose is to find alignment on all planes. Stretch your spine up, and stretch your tailbone down to prevent your rear end from sticking out. Look in the mirror and work to get your shoulders level and hips level.

Avoid sinking into the standing hip. The yogi on the right is out of alignment — see how her shoulders are not level and her hips are not yet level? This is common especially when you have to hold your foot. But she’s working toward it and will be there soon!

If you are challenged by tree pose, that’s okay! Start slow, hold on to your knee if you need to, work slowly, take your time, focus on your breath and alignment as best you can. And know that you’ll be on the floor resting very, very soon!

Core Strength, Iron Hour and Standing Head to Knee

News | Mar 01, 2015
Core Strength Iron Hour Sterling Hot Yoga

Iron Hour helps build core strength, which helps improve your postures in the Sterling 60 and Gold 90 hot yoga classes!

In many of the standing poses in our yoga series, we talk about the locked knee.

The locked knee, in good alignment with the ankle and the hip, is absolutely important, and it takes a great deal of strength to maintain it for more than a few moments.

In Standing Head to Knee, locking both knees is especially challenging.

In this wonderful photo example, Jason Winn is executing the full expression of the pose where his arms are extended, no longer holding on to the foot.

Yes, absolutely, Jason has a tremendous amount of strength in his legs, but it’s core strength that’s holding it all together!

Strong abs, strong legs and strong arms (and a lot of determination) are what allows Jason to pull off this beautifully executed pose.

It’s strength that supports flexibility and flexibility that supports strength. And now, Sterling Hot Yoga Works can help you to attain both.

Adding Iron Hour to your practice is a great way to improve your Standing Head to Knee and many other poses! But remember, taking the Sterling 60 and the Gold 90 also helps you to maintain good overall health! It all works together!